Subject: MEP Atkinson responds to Suzanne Evans’ slur

Since becoming the first Independent MEP for SE England, I have worked tirelessly for many campaigns and causes for my constituents, as well as supporting our Leave campaigns during the referendum.

I am both offended and astonished by the insulting remarks made today about me by the unelected UKIP member Suzanne Evans.

I would like to make it quite clear that I have never been a ‘defector’, and as such she has maligned me.

Since I was forced to leave UKIP (despite committing no crimes and being totally exonerated regarding spurious charges), I have supported a wide variety of initiatives from various parties to the benefit of my region.

UKIP MEPs and I vote in almost the same way in the Parliament. We work together for Brexit and against the continual tide of damaging EU legislation and attempts to derail Brexit.

I have many friends in Ukip and do not spend my time grandstanding in TV studios. I get on with the job I was elected to do. No wonder Ukip is in disarray with people like her vying to run it.

I now sit with the ENF Group in the Parliament, with people who are likely to become presidents and prime ministers of their respective countries. Can she say the same?

I hope that Ms Evans has been misquoted and I look forward to receiving her prompt apology. ‘ends

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