Janice Atkinson, MEP, Calls On Europe To “Drain The Brussels Swamp”

Janice Atkinson, MEP, Calls On Europe To “Drain The Brussels Swamp” As Foreign Ministers Meet To Discuss the “Problems” Posed By Trump And Putin

Janice Atkinson, MEP, today launches the campaign to Drain The EU swamp, calling on Europe’s nations to build on Brexit and follow the lead of President-elect Donald Trump by sweeping the EU’s unelected leaders from power

On her return from the USA where she celebrated the victory of Donald Trump as well as meeting with key aides, she said: “The days of the EU’s unelected elite is over. Democracy and the nation state are again at the centre of our politics –it’s time to drain the swamp and make Europe great again.

“The march to democracy is already well under way with countries like France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Holland voting in ever greater numbers for politicians who will truly represent them. There can be no stopping it now.”

Commenting on today’s meeting of EU Foreign Ministers, she said: “This pathetic gathering, supposedly to “deal with” Trump, Nato and Putin, is symptomatic of the old politics. It represents neither the views of the people nor the real issues at stake for the nation states of Europe. It is simply about the false agenda of the unelected Junckers, Mogherinis, and Timmermans.

“Donald Trump’s victory follows Brexit in showing the way ahead. The only issue surrounding his election is that the lessons of democracy need to be learned again as the days of unelected political elites comes to its inevitable end.

“Putin is no threat – rather Russia has been threatened by the EU’s imperialist drive for expansion which targeted Ukraine.

“Yet instead of accepting responsibility for Ukrainian blood on its hands, the EU tried beating Putin up with sanctions. At the same time it called on the US and Nato to man their eastern borders – even though the EU is not prepared to pay its  full dues to belong to the Nato club.  Could you imagine if this little cartel didn’t pay its dues to the EU?


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