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Statement on Brexit High Court Ruling

Statement from Janice Atkinson MEP On Today’s High Court Decision To Allow MPs To Vote On Triggering Article 50 Of The Lisbon Treaty.

Janice said:

“This decision is a scandal and an affront to the British people, 17,410,742 of whom voted to leave the European Union. Parliament itself gave the British people the right to vote on this momentous issue and their voice was clear: the UK must leave the EU. No ifs, no buts, no small print.

“To seek now to set Parliament against the will of the people in this way is dangerous, unethical and risks a clash between citizens and government.

“UKIP now needs to get its act together again fast and ensure that Nigel Farage is back in the driving seat when, once again, the country needs his leadership to ensure our future as an independent nation state. That, and nothing less, is what the British people voted for on June 23.”

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