MEP Atkinson: Albanian invasion by courtesy of the Schengen

Albanian ISISMEP Atkinson: Albanian invasion by courtesy of the Schengen open borders

South East Independent MEP Janice Atkinson, who represents the south coast and Kent, which is currently being invaded by Albanians, said:

“Don’t panic, the Albanians are coming – they are highly sophisticated businessmen,
not only do they run our car cleaning sites they also rule the drug trade across the EU,
the people trafficking of women and children in highly efficient criminal networks”.

Research has shown that there are a 70,000-100,000 Albanians living in the UK, aided by the courtesy of being granted Schengen visa free travel in 2010.

When Albania joins the EU in 2020, Janice wonders “How many more will come legally”?

The European Commission, recognizes that ‘deprivation, unemployment, discrimination and poor access to healthcare, social benefits and education’ is a pull factor.

“This should be one of the main factors when the voters of the UK decide on Brexit on June 23rd”, – continued Atkinson.

“Do we want more entrepreneurial Albanian businessmen peddling drugs
and people and a populace bringing more prostitution and more benefit scroungers?”

“Voters, remember, we do not have a choice, they will come.
We fought off the French (eventually), the Germans never made it,
the Scandinavians eventually returned
and the Romans stayed longer than we would have liked.
We had a choice back then, today we don’t, the EU does invasion by stealth.
Take back control of our borders and let’s not be Cameron’s mug of the EU.”

The comment is made in the context of “a new” Africa “Trust Fund” plan of the European Commission focused
on migrants from the North and Sub-Saharan Africa.
MEP Atkinson calls for the resolution of the migrant problems within Europe, overshadowed by the
flows of migrants from Africa and Middle East.

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