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EU-Turkey deal: MEP Atkinson agreement overruled

EU/Turkey Deal – LIBE Committee vice chair, UK MEP Timothy Kirkhope, overrules MEP Atkinson’s agreement in Conference of Presidents – leaked FCO memo is just the tip of the iceberg
Reports in the media over the weekend of the behind closed doors stitch up deal between the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the EU on the EU/Turkey deal, is not news to MEP Janice Atkinson, head of delegation in the ENF group, who represented her group in the Conference of Presidents when the EU Turkey deal was discussed.
On the 4th May Atkinson attended the Conference of Presidents to represent her group. In that meeting the EU/Turkey deal was discussed.  It was agreed with President Shultz and other heads of delegation, including the Tory ECR group, that no formal talks could begin nor could this be discussed in the LIBE committee. Despite this, UK MEP Timothy Kirkhope, dismissed Atkinson’s call for it to be taken off the LIBE agenda but she was overruled by Kirkhope who unilaterally decided to overwrite the Rules of Procedure.
Atkinson, together with co-LIBE committee members, Harald Vilimsky (leader, Austrian FPO) and Lorenzo Fontana (Lega Nord, Italy), wrote to Mr Jerzy Buzekj, chairman of the Conference of Committee Chairs to clarify that Kirkhope went beyond his remit and against the rules of the Parliament and Conference of Presidents.
Atkinson said: “The leaked FCO memo at the weekend is only the tip of the iceberg. If journalists bothered to ask MEPs what actually goes on then we can highlight the stitch-ups that take place, the lack of democracy and how British MEPs are acting with impunity against what is agreed by the heads of delegations in the Conference of Presidents.  This is not just the Westminster bubble show.
“The FCO memos, together with the Turkey blackmail deal show that Cameron’s government, British MEPs and the Remain camp are desperately trying to circumvent democracy to get this deal through at any cost. The high cost to the peoples of the EU and the UK are not taken into account.” ends.Letter from ENF to Mr Jerzy Buzek-2 bis_001Erdogan visa free travel