We have to to put an end to this tide of immigration

Janice Atkinson for The Daily Express
28th June 2013

BRITAIN is seeing the highest population growth of any European country. The Office for National Statistics figures show there were 688,120 babies born in England in 2011, the most since 1971.

And there seems no end in sight with provisional data for 2012 pointing to it being another record-breaker with ONS projections suggesting the birth rate in England could hit 743,000 by 2014.

In theory this means those babies will be paying taxes and contributing to our pensioners’ comfortable retirement.

It should mean that our tax rates can go down because it will be bonus time for the Treasury.

It should mean that we can pay off our deficit quicker than any other country.

Yet as this baby boom is down to international migration it will not happen because they are the wrong kind of migrants.

In the five years up to 2008 net international migration accounted for over half of our population growth, the highest in Europe.

Instead of a booming economy we have to find a quarter of a million extra school places in England by 2014 and the crisis is worst in London.

One in five primary schools is full.

Labour cut back school places and this Government is playing catch-up but to close the gap for this autumn it is costing £1billion.

The number of people in their 20s has risen from 6.6 million to 7.6 million – that additional one million people are from eastern European countries.

Those people tend to have children younger and more of them and take lower paid jobs.

Migrant men have benefited from the past 10 years’ growth with the OECD citing that this group has done particularly well in employment at the expense of British-born males.

These jobs tend to be traditional working class, unskilled labour jobs. So it is no coincidence that we have 2.2 million people unemployed and one million NEETs – 16 to 24-year-olds who are not in education, employment or training.

We have a housing crisis with the minister admitting that 50 per cent of our housing stock has gone to immigrants, yet the minister’s answer is to build on our precious green fields.

The NHS is under great strain.

Take midwifery, which is on the front line of this population explosion.

The Royal College of Midwives estimates that 5,000 more midwives are needed.

This figure was also quoted by the Conservatives in the 2010 general election.

So, did we get more or are we trying to play catch-up with immigrant births?

Half of maternity wards close their doors on mothers in labour because they cannot cope.

Can you imagine being in labour or having pregnancy complications and being turned away?

No one asked the British population if we wanted an increase in net migration to this level which is twice that of the previous decade.

I am not against immigration but we need to close our borders until we can actually count the numbers that are here, assess our own population’s needs.According to Migration Watch, if this continues then immigration will account for two-thirds of our population increase in the next 15 years.

That is five million extra people – the combined populations of Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield.

We British did not ask for one million unemployed youths. We did not ask for our population to grow exponentially with schools, houses, the NHS, transport, water supplies all under strain or our access restricted to them.

We do not have the choice of schools for our children, we travel in cattle trucks called trains to work, we cannot water our gardens or wash our cars, we have NHS waiting lists yet more money than ever before is being spent by us, the taxpayers, on education, water, transport, the NHS and in council tax.

I recognise that previous waves of immigrants have added to the variety and diversity that makes us great. We are a tolerant nation where religion, culture and colour have mostly been absorbed and welcomed because people assimilated and our infrastructure could cope.

I am not against immigration but we need to close our borders until we can actually count the numbers that are here, assess our own population’s needs.

I want the brightest and best from China and India, their skilled and educated who will pay taxes, contribute to our economy and not be a strain on our services.

I do not want to hear Miliband’s hand-wringing on how New Labour got it wrong.

I do not want to hear Keith Vaz pontificating on the inadequacies of the UK Border Agency.

These hopeless public servants should explain to us how we are going to fund our overburdened public services because of their mistakes.

Yet the voters of the UK know where the problem lies and it is EU immigration.

We cannot restrict welfare to new arrivals because Brussels has said we cannot and that is enshrined in our membership terms.

If you think the population is high now and our services are almost broken just wait until the bus, car, plane and trainloads of Bulgarians and Romanians arrive on January 1, 2014, which we cannot stop.

This is the tipping point, the point where growth in London and the South-east populations tip us overboard into the English Channel and I’d like to drag Blair, Brown, Balls, Miliband, Vaz, May, Cameron et al into the sea with the rest of us.

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