It’s time to pull up the drawbridge: ban immigration for five years and give our youth a chance

Janice Atkinson for The Daily Mail
21st February 2012

Immigration and youth unemployment go hand in hand.

There are two stories in today’s press which illustrate this – one on our porous borders and the abject failure of the UK Border Agency, and another on record youth unemployment.

The investigation into the Mickey Mouse operations at the UK Border Agency was unveiled yesterday, revealing that Immigration Minister Damian Green authorised the downgrading of checks early last year. The Home Secretary Mrs May later made clear her opposition, but this instruction was ignored. He should be sacked and replaced with a hard-liner.

Our borders are forever open to low-paid Albanians, Romanians and Bulgarians who are eager to work – or in some cases claim benefits whilst selling the Big Issue – and this is rubber-stamped by the European Court of Human Rights. And, if Cameron has his way, Turkey’s accession to the EU will cause further youth unemployment and we will be powerless to stop it.

Politicians bemoan the tragedy that is youth unemployment, and it is criminal that a whole generation of kids are being left on the scrap heap. Once worklessness sets in it becomes a mindset and difficult to change. There is a solution: we ban all immigration for five years and send the message to our youngsters that there is no such thing as social security or unemployment, and that they have to work.

Richard Littlejohn on these pages today refers to a Panorama programme where the long-term unemployed were taken to farms in East Anglia to pick crops. The unemployed couldn’t bend over to pick the vegetables, looking and sounding more like vegetables themselves, and others who were interviewed outside a JobCentre said they couldn’t be bothered to get up for the wages on offer. The farmer said his crops would die in the fields if left to these British ‘workers’.

When we had a booming economy I met employers who told me they would rather take on an educated, articulate, well-presented, good-time-keeping Pole than an uneducated, unmotivated British kid with attitude. Who can blame them? That was in the good times. Now, we have hundreds of thousands of British kids willing to step into these roles and the tragedy is that they can’t because of uncontrolled immigration.

There is an additional problem. The kids with useless degrees such as equine studies, media and marketing (which should be work-based paid learning in advertising and media agencies) should also be told that they will not get jobs at the end of their courses as there are not enough to go round, and will have to be given work placements in return for benefits.

I have never taken on a graduate with a ‘media/marketing’ degree, and neither does the elitist BBC. Our children have to be told where we have gaps in employment which are currently being filled by immigrants, trained accordingly and told that there is no prospect of unemployment benefit.

We have a crisis in this country: a million unemployed kids. A very small number of them are feckless, as I have described above. Yet the tragedy is that the schools and colleges continue to push useless degrees, the politicians’ hands are tied all the time we remain in the EU, and it is our youth, our future taxpayers that suffer. As taxpayers we cannot afford unemployment. As a caring nation we cannot afford unemployment.

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