EU budget increase: Just what planet are the people of the European Commission on?

Janice Atkinson for The Daily Mail
27th April 2012

I do wonder what planet most of the people who inhabit the Never-Neverland of the European Commission are on?

The EU is demanding an inflation-busting 7 per cent budget increase which will be met with outrage by taxpayers across Europe.

The Commission’s proposal would increase the EU’s budget by 6.8 per cent to nearly £114billion. They will carry on demanding more money for their vanity projects that make very little difference to the ordinary taxpayer across Europe, however much we protest.

When the Greeks are bankrupt and cannot afford school books or to pay their teachers the EU is asking them to stump up for ‘projects already agreed and in the pipeline’. The Dutch have seen their country’s national government collapse because of austerity proposals imposed by the EU; the Italian government is run by an unelected Eurocrat and Spain is on red alert for default. This is pure lunacy.

In Britain taxpayers will be asked to shell out an extra £1billion under the European Commission’s proposals for a massive spending fest on pet projects. How do they justify this?

I heard former Labour MEP Richard Corbett on the radio yesterday trying to justify this increase before saying this was just a starting point. In 2009, this man was kicked out of politics by the UK electorate. However, he has turned up in the European Commission as an advisor to President Herman Van Rompuy. The man has been a career politician all his life, has never held down a proper job and because of his time in servitude bowing to the socialist ideal, he now has his nose in the trough spending other people’s money. The Tories are no better. Their leader, Richard Ashworth, has said the proposal was ‘outlandish’. But then again, he always says that, along with the other useless Tories in the group.

What’s Dave got to say? You would think he would take a Thatcherite line by declaring ‘No’ as the great lady did. You would think he would be asking for the return of our rebate that Blair gave away in the failing years of his government? No, that is too much to ask. Instead Downing Street’s response was ‘to fight the demands’, saying they were ‘unrealistic’.

Grassroots Conservative members want him to take a hard line on Europe, the taxpayers of Britain do too and so do his MPs. But Dave will not listen, he is part of a similar political class to Corbett and Van Rompuy.

So what does this mean for Britain? A hard-pressed Britain that cannot afford public sector payrises, that cannot afford public sector pensions, that is cutting back on frontline public services and has cut our great armed forces back to the bone so that we couldn’t even defend the Isle of Wight let alone the Falklands Islands. The cost to Britain’s taxpayers, at around 12.5 per cent, would be an outrageous £16.6billion – a rise of more than £1billion.

This is not news, we have been here before. For years the EU has been warned that their spending proposals are unsustainable, their projects are unsustainable, their vast salaries and departments are unsustainable.  When the executive stops listening to the electorate, democracy is finished.

All EU member states are just an adjunct to an unelected tyranny that is the EU Commission. Given the lack of backbone and the lack of political will to stand up for the taxpayers of Britain, this will be voted through.

Time to leave the EU.

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