Could we finally be saying farewell to Sarkozy and Ken in the same week?

Janice Atkinson for The Daily Mail
3rd May 2012

This weekend we may well say farewell to Monsieur Sarkozy and finally kick Ken Ayatollah Livingstone out of London politics.

Sarkozy, you had the presidency in your grasp and now you will be the first president not to win a second term.

You said today: ‘Our system of integration doesn’t work. Why? Because before we were able to integrate those who were received on our territory, others arrived.

You added: ‘Having taken in too many people, we paralysed our system of integration. I will never argue for zero immigration, but the reality is that when you invite more people than you can handle, you no longer integrate them.’

Too late Mr Sarkozy. The immigration argument is dead in the water and there is nothing you can do to stop it other than coming out of the EU. You cannot stop the eastern Europeans coming to your country and working for less than the living wage paid to your workers. There is nothing you can do to stop them claiming social security and taking your housing. You are part of the Shengen agreement, so your borders are open.

You were part of the European ideal, you have been president of the EU, you are one of its architects. So please do not cry wolf now because you are frightened of losing the election.


You have only yourself to blame if your people vote Socialist this weekend.  I fear for your proud people as the left is united under Francois Hollande and likely to get elected. The PR drive doesn’t work anymore because you haven’t delivered.

Your country will go deeper into debt, there will be an assault on the banking system and the credit agencies will downgrade you.

We too have elections this week. I am involved in the London elections and hoping that Ayatollah Livingstone will wave farewell to politics.  Immigration is one of the biggest issues in London, along with jobs and housing. The UK electorate doesn’t like or trust the coalition but I hope they don’t kick Boris in the ballot box.

The only party making common-sense on immigration and telling the truth is UKIP’s Nigel Farage.  When he told last week’s BBC’s Question Time audience that newly-arrived eastern Europeans can apply for National Insurance numbers and become eligible for housing, the rest of the panel squirmed.  Dianne Abbott sat there with a nonchalant look and didn’t disagree because her constituents are unable to get on the housing ladder and find jobs.  Polly Toynbee, doyenne of the left, sat po-faced but didn’t argue.  Chris Grayling knew the truth but it took Simon Hughes, the lefty Liberal Democrat to try and put the coalition’s spin on this.  It failed.  The BBC tried to flag it up for a couple of days afterwards to discredit Farage. Listen BBC and the Question Time Panel and the lefties in the audience, the game is up, the cat out of the bag, the voters have you rumbled.

I appeal to Londoners to cast your votes wisely on 3rd May to stop the Socialists getting back into power in this great City.

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