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ENF Group Press Release: “Families under Attack in the European Union”

Conference with the participation of 

Janice Atkinson MEP, Mylène Troszczynski MEP and Dominique Martin MEP

9th March 2016

Following the International Women’s Day the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group held a conference in the European Parliament. The goal of this conference was to raise awareness about the violent attacks of the European Union against families, against the legal and natural setting of filiation and transmission, that are under attack today.
The high level presentations allowed to make a precise inventory of ongoing work within the European Parliament and to shed light on the influence of totalitarian ideologies and on certain powerful and very active lobbies.
This conference was an opportunity to recall the crucial battles that the elected Members of the ENF Group should continue to lead:

  • Reject any kind of radical communitarianism by returning to the values ​​that have shaped our civilization and that will ensure the consistency of the entire national community.
  • Countering undifferentiating equality, egalitarianism and all ideologies against nature in honoring the complementarity and freedom of both sexes to choose how they will live their lives and raise their children.
  • Be at the forefront of true feminism respectful free aspirations of women in all aspects of their lives.
  • Promote a proactive family policy where the family is enhanced, built in model of society and protected as such.
  • Protect the children, vulnerable and captive human beings, from the nihilistic desires of a minority but influential part of society, who are indulged in the fantasies of a “new type of man”.
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