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The Salutary British Referendum on the EU

By Marine Le Pen, leader of Front National and co-president of ENF Group in the European Parliament

Negotiations between the British Prime Minister David Cameron and the European Union, conducted under the pressure of a referendum on the EU to be held soon, reveal the validity of the method proposed for France by the National Front for several years. It is stronger in a showdown when we put the people at the table via a referendum, than when we are in the habit of immediately accepting everything just like the French Government: UMPS. So he has admitted for the first time a difficulty related to the social benefits paid to European migrants and that Europe can have multiple currencies.

Nevertheless which was obtained by David Cameron seems to be a good low end. No great lever of national sovereignty; protection and prosperity will not be retrieved with this agreement. The EU clearly has a lot of trouble to get rid of its ideology which is more religious than the world as it really is.

Thus, it is reasonable to imagine that the British eager to regain their freedom by Brexit will not be convinced by this agreement.

In France, the National Front is the only political movement to scale to protect and promote national interests without weakness against the totalitarianism of the European Union. It will closely follow the British referendum campaign which it considers very salutary and democratic, and will fight with determination for the popular and national sovereignty of France.

Translated from French: Communiqué de presse de Marine Le Pen, 20 février 2016

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