Email to The Times’ correspondent Billy Kenber

Email to The Times’ correspondent Billy Kenber, 15th February 2016, following the latest soap opera edition of The Times v. Ukip and its people:


Dear Mr Kenber

Today a letter has been sent to your editors for publication in tomorrow’s paper. It addresses some of the rubbish that you wrote.

Re the vibrator reference: the tweet was responding to a light hearted piece on R4’s Today programme, detailing a book that had been written on vibrators. It made me laugh on a dull, grey morning. One woman, an opponent of mine who failed to get the PPC nomination, complained to Ukip’s NEC.  Everyone laughed, including the NEC. Sometimes being human and an elected politician isn’t good enough for the media.


Your piece dated 12th February on Janice Atkinson MEP and her selection as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Folkestone and Hythe needs correction.  Mrs Atkinson was duly selected by an overwhelming majority of members.  To imply that the branch was against her is totally untrue.

I also worked closely with Mrs Atkinson during her campaign and can say she ran an outstanding, energetic and vigorous campaign.  She continues to have my support in her work as an MEP.

Yours faithfully

Robert Neaves, Treasurer, UKIP Folkestone and Hythe branch

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