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Janice Atkinson MEP cleared by police in alleged fraud investigation

Dear friends

It is with profound relief that I was cleared of any involvement with the alleged fraud that took place in Margate at Ukip’s spring conference last year.

Some of you will wonder why I have not said anything in public, either in my defence or against Ukip. Simply, it was a serious allegation and I did not want to prejudice any investigation and I was advised by lawyers not to do so. Also, I am in politics to leave the EU and so I would not do anything to damage Ukip and its hard-working loyal members.

You may also wonder why I joined the ENF group. It is easier to have a voice on behalf of the South East by being part of a group with like-minded people with the same aims and voting patterns. It shows that we are genuinely outward looking, not stuck in the Little England past as our critics like to say. My European colleagues all support Brexit and some would like to exit themselves. We are all on the same side and stronger together.

I would like thank all of you who stood by me, believed in me and are keeping up the fight. This would not be happening without all the work YOU have done.

For those who are not on social media or across Kent media, my press release is detailed below.

If you are holding street stallsor meetings I would be happy to attend. I think younow understand why I have not been able to participate thus far. However, I have continued to speak out in the politburo that is theEuropeanParliament and Ihave been very active in mainstream and social media. I will be publishing a book verysoon which showsthe views of many European MEPs who also support Brexit.

Janice Atkinson, the Independent MEP for the South East of England, has been cleared of any involvement in the alleged fundraiser expenses row earlier last year.

Kent Police have stated that there is no further action to be taken concerning an alleged falsified invoice offered to a former assistant of the MEP. The sponsored event at the pub, designed to encourage more women into politics, was organised by Janice as part of hercampaign to leave the European Union.

Mrs Atkinson says that she is ‘delighted’ with theannouncement.

‘I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my family, friends and the colleagues who believed in me. It has been a truly terrible time and I have learnt a major lesson about the value of integrity in my working relationships.

‘Supporters from across the political spectrum, and from many nation states,have said to me, ‘There but for the grace of God go all of us’, and they’re right. As soon as you take on a public position you become vulnerable. Like others, I have made mistakes and apologised for them but I will always continue to fight for the issues that affect my constituents.



Janice Atkinson MEP

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