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Janice Atkinson speaks up about Cameron’s Chamberlain hour.

Well, it’s Cam’s sham and Labour will keep the white flag flying, along with the Greens and the remaining Lib Dem.

The British public knows that this was a Chamberlain moment and so do the British newspapers.

Let me read to you what the British media are saying:

The Sun: who do you think you are kidding Mr Cameron?

The Daily Mail: footling, pedantic and almost ineffective.

The Express: a joke.

Mirror: sophistry and spin.

Voters are very well informed and read newspapers. The media matters. There’s nothing on: agriculture, fishing, trade and environmental policies. Now it’s very clear, there is no change.

No treaty change, no repatriation of British sovereignty. Britain will keep paying the billions to the EU and crucially, our borders will remain open to migrants and terrorists

The truth is Mr Cameron got prettymuchwhat he asked for – absolutely nothing.

‘That’s why we will Brexit.’

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