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Dover Riots: Janice Atkinson defends Kent police handling of Far-Left and Far-Right fascist activists during migrant tensions.

DOVER RIOTS: Independent MEP for South East England, Janice Atkinson spoke on BBC Radio Kent – defending Kent police handling of Far-Left and Far Right fascist activists during Saturdays riot blaming the backlash on depleted police funding dealing with migrant tensions.

On Saturday, what set out to be a peaceful rally in Dover was marred by a clash of Far Left and Far Right groups as both clashed in the Kent coastal town.

Charlie Elphick, the MP for Dover and Deal said: The police let those people down. They let down the town of Dover, they let down the county of Kent.

Quick to defend Kent Police and give reasons for this clash, independent MEP, Janice Atkinson gave an interview for BBC Radio Kent.

Asked if she thought the events in Dover were the inevitable consequences of Kent’s geographical location and the front line in the current controversy of immigration and asylum, Janice said: “Yes, it is because Dover is on the front line. You’ve got the iconic white cliffs of Dover, you’ve got thousands of economic migrants that are over in the Calais jungle, this is the fault of the British government, the Brussels EU elite and the French government to get to grips with what is happening over there.”

Janice spoke of how she had been to Calais a number of times.The migrants that were committing criminal acts were just being put back over the fences time and time again and not being dealt with. They were agitated by British anarchists.

The Eurosceptic Independent MEP said that she would be raising this growing issue in Strasbourg again this week, adding: “They have crossed many, many countries, individual nation states where they could have declared asylum but they are not, there are very, very few genuine asylum seekers. I am happy to take those people. I am not happy to take the economic migrants, all the fit young men that have left their own women and children behind in their own countries.”

Speaking of the riot that erupted in Dover on Saturday Janice said: “The Far Right are as bad as the Far Left, they are the new football hooligans.”

Asked if the police should have banned those marches before they even began, Janice was quick to defend the right to march and speaking of Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphick, she said: “I think it was very unfortunate language he has used about the Chief Constable, Alan Pughsley I dont think its a management failure Charlie should be meeting with the police minister and Theresa May and say: It is your police cuts that are failing to protect the people in Dover, that prevented the safe policing of the rest of the county.”

Janice ended her interview by saying: “My job as an MEP is to go to Strasbourg and tell them next week and the Brussels Eurocrats, Jean-Claude Juncker et al, to actually get to grips with their borders because that is the main problem in that they are not shoring-up the external borders and they are not getting to grips with migrants that are sitting in Calais and the millions of others that are coming that want to get to our country.”


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