My letter to Donald Tusk ahead of the Council Meeting in Strasbourg

Today I gave a speech in Strasbourg on what the powers the British people want back from the EU and how this so called ‘renegotiation’ will achieve none of them. You can watch above or read the transcript below:

Dear Mr Tusk,

As your special relationship with Mr Cameron clearly isn’t working and his so-called negotiations with you have collapsed like a pack of cards, I thought it might be helpful to outline what the British people require to stay in the EU.

Trade – as we are the second largest economy in this union, we must be able to negotiate our own free trade agreements. One commissioner, representing 28 states, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work.

Agriculture – a common agricultural policy costs us more to feed our own people and keeps the developing countries in Africa in poverty.

Fisheries – we want to take back control of our territorial waters, restore our fishing fleet and protect our own fishing stock.

Justice – we do not accept a separate court in Luxembourg overruling UK judiciary and directly elected Members of Parliament.

Migration control – well, you know what the British people want. We MUST have total control over who comes to Britain. That’s non-negotiable and you cannot deliver on this.

Therefore, we will Brexit.

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