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Conclusions of the European Council meeting of 15 October 2015

Mr President, the Left and Mr Pittella today reached a new low in this House by calling us a virus. Then we have Mr Schulz, who seems to think it is wrong to protect national interests. I was actually sent here to protect our national interest, and actually the people of Britain will vote to leave this place, because they recognise that our national interests are not being served in this place.

Mr Juncker: when in doubt, have a summit. Of course, we must have a summit, and the man from Luxembourg comes along, too. Now it is great that the man from Luxembourg comes along to talk about migration – but nobody, not one single migrant, is banging on the door to get into Luxembourg. I go to Calais quite a lot, and now the number of migrants in Calais trying to get into the UK has doubled to 6 000. I said it before: the majority of these people are not refugees. They are economic migrants.

Interjection regarding an apparent lack of French interpretation.

Well it does not matter. I will carry on, because my audience is Britain.

As I said before, these people are not refugees; they are economic migrants. The main concern of the migrants is not safety, but economic gain. In Calais, the majority of people storming the tunnel are aggressive young men. I was on Eurostar yesterday, and when I entered France there were a number of migrants sitting on the tracks on this side. The police did not detain them, they did not deport them, and that is wrong. That is why this place is going to crumble.

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