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My questions to the LIBE committee in Brussels yesterday on migration. No answers, just more migrants.

Today I spoke twice at the inter-parliamentary committee meeting on migration in Brussels, bringing together representatives from the EU and from National Parliaments.

I want to know why the Dublin agreement which states that refugees should register in the first safe country they come to is being allowed to be so openly flaunted and ignored as the Mediterranean states allow migrants to pass through where thanks to Schengen there is nothing stopping them reaching Calais and attempting to reach Britain.

I also heard calls from members for Hungary to be sanctioned for daring to comply with its treaty obligations to protect the external EU borders. By letting the migrants straight through all we do is encourage others to risk the lives of themselves and their families as they attempt to cross the Mediterranean in leaky boats, led by the promise of the generous benefits they might receive in Germany, Sweden or Britain. I salute the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for looking out for the interests of his people and of Europe as a whole. I will say it again, the moment refugees choose to pass through a safe country rather than register for asylum they cease to be refugees and become economic migrants.

I want to know why the Commission and the French Government continue to do nothing or even take any responsibility for the crisis at Calais where migrants continue to break into lorries, destroy fences and trespass into the Eurotunnel without any legal ramifications, why aren’t they being arrested and deported? When I was in Calais with the BBC a few weeks ago representatives from the human rights industry admitted that they are encouraging economic migrants to portray themselves as asylum seekers to enter Britain, what about the human rights of our lorry drivers who are fined thousands of pounds to have their vehicles broken into?

I want to know what is being done to vet the migrants now pouring across Europe, it has been reported that as many as 2/3rds of all migrants making the trip through Europe are not from Syria at all, many of them destroy their identification, that doesnt seem like the action of a refugee looking for asylum. Germany has already arrested an ISIS recruiter who posed as a refugee, ISIS seem to be making good on their word that they will use the asylum system to get their extremists into Europe. Yet only one MEP raised the subject of ISIS infiltration and yes, it was from the so-called right of the Parliament.

A few MEPs spoke about the likely numbers yet to travel to Europe. They even dared suggest it might be in the order of one million. I have seen figures from the UN which indicate it could be as much as two million. They are still deluding themselves.

On Monday EU interior ministers approved a plan that will see migrant quotas of over 120,000 in two years imposed across all member states, the plan which was rejected only a week earlier was forced through by qualified majority voting a system normally reserved for less controversial matters which allows larger member states to override smaller ones, once again demonstrating the EUs favoured strategy that if they dont vote the way you want the first time then stack the deck and make them vote again. European Union talks about European solidarity but all they mean is more mass migration, more visas and more of the same.

I welcomed MPs Keith Vaz and Bill Cash who came over to give evidence and hear the farce that is the LIBE committee.What they heard was more hot air, more proposals to issue visas to migrants – which means more migrants, little talk of practical solutions to detain and deport and to fast track genuine asylum seekers, and that is the tragedy.

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