Remarks alongside Marine Le Pen on Europe’s migrant crisis

Speaking alongside Marine Le Pen MEP at today’s Europe of Nations and Freedom press conference in Strasbourg on the migration crisis facing Europe, Janice Atkinson MEP said:

‘A little over a year ago, I was elected alongside Nigel Farage of UKIP to oppose the European project and mass immigration into Britain. Today I am honoured to sit alongside Marine Le Pen of France and my partners in the Europe of Nations and Freedom group. My views on mass immigration have not changed – and the crisis is worse than ever.

Let’s be clear: this is a crisis, today, of massive illegal immigration into Europe and Britain. Nobody voted for illegal immigration. Plenty of people voted to put us here to oppose it.

The hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants overwhelming our borders and our capacities to cope are exactly that – illegal. They cross on to our national territories illegally. They bypass our existing asylum process illegally. Respect for the law and for the wishes of voters has collapsed – along our borders, among the unelected rulers of the European Commission, and at Westminster as well.

Let’s be clear about another thing: despite what the human rights industry and the massed ranks of taxpayer-funded charities and lobby-groups repeat, this is not a refugee crisis but a massive crisis of illegal immigration which must be resisted for what it is.

A man who leaves Syria may be a refugee at the start of the journey. When he is illegally living in Calais and illegally attempting to enter Britain, he is an economic migrant and an illegal immigrant.

The humanitarian consequences of the Syrian crisis are for the countries of the Middle East to manage. Not for Britain, not for France, not for Austria, not for Italy, not for the Netherlands, not for Poland, not for Romania. That cannot be said too often. Oil-rich, cash-rich petro-monarchies of the region must act. They claim to be our allies. Instead, some fund Islamic terrorism and allow hundreds of thousands to come to our countries against the wishes of our people.

This crisis of illegal immigration has become an attack on the law and the wishes of voters. It is now also an attack on our identity and our security. The people of Britain and the peoples of Europe rightly wish to remain secure in their identities and secure in their own homes. At a time when ISIS is plotting to send a flood of jihadi terrorists into our midst, the need to defend our borders is urgent.

The Europe Commission is complicit in the crisis. The national governments of Europe are compIicit in the crisis. Only we who answer to voters, not to Brussels, can offer the strength of opposition this crisis requires.’

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