My visit to Calais to broadcast live from the BBC Studio in place des Armes

Having been the first UK politician to have had high level talks with the Mayor of Calais’s office, I returned today (3rd Sept) to find that nothing had changed, apart from the human rights industry claiming that majority of the migrants are ‘refugees’ or ‘asylum seekers’. This is not true. Last year I spoke to many migrants who admitted to me that they are economic migrants, this hasn’t changed. Yet the human rights industry guy said they ’empowered’ and ‘framed their stories’.

This is not only a European problem, but a worldwide one. The Arab nations should be stepping forward to offer help, not just those in the Levant, but richer nations such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

We need to shore up the EU’s external borders, provide assessment centres in the countries of origin, fast track genuine asylum seekers in Calais and deport the majority. In the meanwhile, under the Dublin Agreement we can round up those illegal immigrants that are committing the crimes of trespass and breaking and entering in Calais and deport them.

The EU is spineless and in Strasbourg next week there will be demands for action, hand-wringing, name calling but nothing will be done other than a demand from unelected Eurocrats that we all take our fair share.

While they bicker I have arranged a trip to the Middle East to meet politicians there to discuss their response and to ask them to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their own neighbours.

I’m a mother first and then a politician and when I saw those media images of the little boy drowned and washed up on Turkey’s shore, I cried. In Syria we have Russia, Iran and Hezbollah and on the other side we have the West and Saudi Arabia. I call on them to get around the table to stop this war, get rid of the Daesh, so that people can return and rebuild their lives and country. the Daesh killed the little boy, not Europe, not the politicians.
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