European Nations awaken to the Migrant Crisis

Europe is in crisis. Nothing new you might say. I am not talking about the futility and bullying of the Greek bailout, or impending climate change policy meltdown, or the inability of the UK to block any legislation coming down the unelected Commission cabal – the chief crisis is the migrant crisis we face and Europe’s nations are revolting.

This week, Slovakia declared that it was only taking migrants who were Christian as they had no mosques and Islamic immigrants wouldn’t fit in. Denmark has now stated that they will only take migrants who fit into their society and can contribute to it. Macedonia is taking strong measures to keep migrants at bay who are trying to get through Greece’s borders. Hungary has put up fences on its exterior European borders. Italy has threatened to hand visas and passports to the migrants, enabling them to move on from their shores and live and work in Europe. And so it goes on.

Our own home secretary was bullied into stepping onto French soil. I say bullied because the French demanded that Mr Cameron attend a summit in Calais. But he’s on holiday. So, Mrs May, resplendent in kitten heeled leopard print shoes, held her nose and visited Calais. The British only attended because the French threatened to move British passport controls back to British soil, revoking the Le Touquet treaty signed to enable us to control our borders from France.

Who can blame them? The British have finally admitted defeat but without actually admitting it, having agreed to provide more fencing and detection equipment. Yet they are not getting to the root cause of the problem whilst hundreds of thousands prepare to come.

On earlier posts I have written about how we deal with this – secure detention centres in France with EU border control nation states processing and fast tracking both migrants for deportation and genuine asylum seekers. And dealing with it at source – the people traffickers and patrolling our own waters, as the Australians do. This is a worldwide problem, not just a problem for a few European states.

I said yesterday that September’s Strasbourg session will be a feisty one. The left/Greens/liberals will be decrying racism, demanding humanitarian corridors from Africa to Europe, demanding that the EU states take ‘their fair share’ of migrants without regard to national identity, assimilation, culture or economic stability.

The so-called ‘right/centre’ will say no, close the borders, abandon Shengen, take back our borders and call for an Australian points based system for refugees. Business as usual then.

But this time we return from the summer break with the Swedish Democrats riding high in the polls, Denmark’s centre right government flexing its muscles, Hungarians building fences, Slovakians being perfectly reasonable about who they wish to take up residence in their country, another bailout revolt from Greece in the form of yet another general election and yet, the Parliament and Commission, Shultz and Juncker, will carry on regardless. Let’s hope there’s a revolt in Parliament w/c 7th September.

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