Correspondence: EU Split on Migration

[Letter, August 21st 2015]

You are absolutely correct in your comment section about Syrians staying closer to home, and priority status being given to Syrian Christians and Afghan interpreters for refuge in the UK. This is something I have been calling for.

Calais can be dealt with quite simply by building secure detention centres with migrants processed by Border Forces from across the EU – the crisis is of their making – with fast tracking for genuine asylum seekers and the rest deported. This is all perfectly legitimate under the Dublin Agreement. It is not more Calais B&Bs we need from EU taxpayers, it is action from across Europe, NATO and the UN, otherwise. What is the point of membership of those groups?

But please do not look to the EU ‘to do something’ as some are asking. The EU is split. Slovakia will not take Muslims and Hungary is building a secure border. Yet, month after month, I sit on the LIBE committee which is responsible for migration and listen to centre left politicians, including the UK, demanding ‘humanitarian corridors’ from Africa, yet being in complete denial about the cause and effect of their policies and, in particular, open borders. Because politicians are not listening to the people this is leading to the rise of extremist political parties which are cashing in on this unrest. If we do not act, then the extremists will.

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