If we let our Jews down, we let ourselves down

The editor of the Times heard from me recently on the subject of anti-semitism:


Your piece in the overseas section on Paris hosting a day of ties between Tel Aviv and Paris demonstrated the problems faced by Jews in France which was overshadowed by anti-semitism and demonstrations.

Seven thousand Jews have left France for Israel in the last year alone. This is a terrible indictment, yet it is happening all over Europe. Jews have made their homes in Europe for centuries. Many sought refuge during WW2 and it is our duty to protect them. Although France is a secular society, Europe has to uphold the Christian Judeo principles as Israel does in the Middle East – the only democratic state in that troubled part of the world.

We cannot allow the pro-Palestinian and Islamist lobby to intimidate and attack in this way. I am for a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine – and this is not just about land, it is imperative that we support Israel, particularly now that we have armed Iran with nuclear capabilities. Let the legacy of those who died in the Charlie Hebdo attacks and those that followed on Jewish citizens be that Europeans clamp down on religious fanaticism and upholds democracy. And that includes protecting British Jews against increasing anti-semitism.

The piece regurgitates the fascists’ view that the West is being manipulated by the Jewish lobby. I couldn’t disagree more. As I sit in the European Parliament it is the Palestinian view that is promulgated, not the Jewish voice.

If we let our Jews down, we let ourselves down.

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