Luxembourg’s EU Presidency doomed to failure

I fully support the comments from Marine Le Pen, president of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group in the European Parliament, on the start of the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union.

She has long predicted the failure of the European project.

She warned of the suffering ordinary people would face if the European Union was allowed to impose its ideology across the continent.

Luxembourg has now taken over the rotating presidency of the European Union.

What can we expect from a new presidency at a time when the entire project lies in tatters? Let me tell you.

The Greek people will continue to be sacrificed to the project of ever closer union.

The single European currency will continue to deny nation states the economic flexibility they need to prosper.

The European Central Bank will continue to crush ordinary people with demands for debt repayments their countries cannot afford.

The Schengen area allowing free movement of people across the continent will remain in place.

The European Commission will continue to insist that we accept migrants into our countries against the wishes of the people.

Jihadists will continue to threaten our safety.

They will continue to use the weakness of the European Union and its determination to accept ever more migration as a way to endanger lives and our way of life.

And most of all this place, this European project, will continue to make the same basic mistake.

It will imagine that it has the right to decide the future of the countries represented here.

Let me be clear. The sovereign states of Europe are the legitimate voice of Europes peoples.

You are not. Here in the Europe of Nations and Freedom group, we stand for a Europe where the sovereign people, not the unelected bureaucrats, have the final say.

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