Janice Atkinson MEP outlines priorities

Ahead of this week’s plenary meeting of the European Parliament, Vice-President of the newly created Europe of Nations and Freedom group Janice Atkinson MEP outlines her personal priorities. She said:

‘The creation of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group brings concerted opposition to bear against the European project at a moment of crisis in the EU. The European Parliament is going to see this week exactly what that looks like.’

‘My priority as Britain’s Vice-President of the group is to stand up for the South-East of England against the EU policies enabling continued illegal immigration into our country.’

‘The chaos at Calais only worsens despite all the bluster from the various EU agencies. Incredibly, despite the numbers illegally crossing the Mediterranean growing ever larger, Brussels still wants a quota system to send more people to Britain. My constituents along the Channel coast have had enough of the costs and disruption illegal immigration causes and I will be pushing hard at the European Parliament for an end to all this. Illegal immigration is illegal – period. Britain can and should turn back anyone who doesn’t qualify.’

‘I will also be meeting my new partners across from Europe for discussions amid the preliminary skirmishes around Britain’s approaching referendum on independence from the EU. To think of Britain’s EU referendum as just about ourselves would be a mistake. Our own best interests certainly do come first, but I look forward to welcoming representatives of millions of voters across the continent who are with us in spirit as we work to get our country back.’

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