Greece deserves Grexit

You know it will happen when the shrieking starts – Christine Lagarde of the IMF sarcastically saying that she only wants grown ups at the table on Monday to decide Greece’s fate. Ms Lagard was appointed, not elected, unlike Messrs Tsipras and Varoufakis. They have every right to take up their negotiating seat on Monday and fight for their sovereignty.

A country that loses its sovereignty loses its defences. And that’s what the EU wants: supplication. The people are on their knees, let’s kick them down further and we can take over entirely.

I wish my fellow Greek Europeans a bon voyage, free of the shackles of the EU, they will become a proud nation again. Yes, there will be repercussions, not least from the corporates, the bankers and the EU, who will relish their – hopefully – short term difficulties.

Yet freed from the euro constraints and the IMF’s demands, they can build their economy. The left-wing Syrizia should continue some of the economic reforms that has helped Greece partly re-build its economy. You may think this is a contradiction. Not at all – it has proven that Greece needs capitalist businesses to employ people and pay taxes, and pay their taxes they must.

Greece has seen extraordinary levels of poverty, not just among its poor but the middle classes too. They have lost their homes, their jobs, their families have broken up; that’s the price of capitalism being strangled by the EU.

The people of Europe can help though. Let’s take our holidays there. (Though please don’t choose an all-inclusive holiday – often run by foreign owned companies that contribute very little to the local economy). Hire a local villa, stay in a locally owned hotel, eat out in their restaurants, get some culture and drink their wine. Some of the finest islands in the world are waiting to take our s, our Kroners, even our euros. Let’s show them solidarity by buying their goods – their olive oil is as good as Italy’s, their cheeses are as good as France’s, please support them.

I spoke to the 92-year-old Syrizia MEP Manolis Glezos last week. He stays at my hotel and we travel together. He speaks at least twice a week when Parliament is sitting. This is a man who has been imprisoned for his views, sentenced to death numerous times and yet, month after month, we sit in awe at what he says. Although he is from the left, we on the right cheer him, as he and his colleagues share our views: belief in the nation state, sovereignty of our own parliaments, the right to control our own borders and determine the fate of our own citizens. He thanked me for my solidarity and was heartened of the support from the right of the Parliament. We salute you sir.

And you corporates? Invest in this proud country. Assure the government that you have belief in their economic reforms and the people who will eventually have cash to buy phones, banking services, cars and clothes. Capitalism is key to their future prosperity. Have faith, they will pull through. But that’s the problem for the EU. Because Greece will survive and thrive outside the pernicious EU, we will finally be seeing the dismantling of the federalist, totalitarian regime. That could see a break for exit from Spain, Portugal and Ireland. Much as they fear our Brexit – it is the exit of the PIGs they now fear as much as well.