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Janice Atkinson MEP allies with Marine Le Pen MEP to launch Europe of Nations and Freedom

Janice Atkinson, member of the European Parliament for South-East England, announces this morning the launch of Europe of Nations and Freedom at the European Parliament in Brussels:

‘Today is a historic day for all in Britain and across Europe who stand opposed to the European superstate.

‘A stable and committed new group in the European parliament is launched, bringing new weight to bear against the ideology of the European Union.

‘The bitter fruits of the European project are an everyday reality for citizens in Britain and for the whole continent of Europe. The mercilessness of the European agenda is felt by millions across Europe impoverished by the cruelty of the Euro. Mass immigration into Britain and Europe continues to accelerate at the behest of the same EU ideology. Choices over our own laws and decisions are taken out of the hands of voters, leaving national parliaments powerless to resist the decrees of the unelected European Commission.

‘This disastrous political project requires a firm political response. Today, a coalition in the European Parliament of which I am part launches, bringing new weight to bear against the Brussels machine. As of today, voters who cast their ballots to halt and reverse the European project will see their wishes represented with new resolve.

‘Europe of Nations and Freedom stands together to tackle head-on the crisis of our time. My partners believe in their own counties as I believe in Britain.

‘Our co-president Marine Le Pen, leader of the first party of France, has shown great courage and leadership in advancing this movement across Europe. She now takes her rightful place at the front of the European Parliament in opposition to the Brussels cartel.

‘As Britain’s referendum on the EU approaches, we should remember that we carry the hopes of millions not only in our own country who want to govern themselves, but also that this most natural political wish is the aspiration of so many millions across Europe as well.’

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