Most important elections since 1951

Next week’s EU elections are the most important since the inception the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951. It is now up to you whether you vote for more integration, loss of your nation states, lose more of your sovereignty and vote to become a meaningless state under the power of unelected, unaccountable and the undemocratic forces of the European Commission.

Vote for Merkel, Macron, Kurtz, Tajani, Verhofstadt and their allies in the Social Democrats, the EPP, ALDE and Greens but not if you want the status quo to continue or you want change. These people do not believe in the status quo of ‘first do no harm’ or the conservatism of preserving what is good and what works. That the family or individual knows what’s best, not the state.

If you want to give up your rights as a family, surrender your individual freedoms and hand over your hard earned salaries then vote for them. They have already passed laws so they can pick your pockets via direct taxation to fund their pet projects, over the heads of your governments. You will have no control over your finances. They have already passed laws to control the internet, what you see, search for and post.

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If you believe the end of the world is nigh because of the created ‘urgency’ of global warming that a deeply disturbed kid from Sweden is peddling, then vote for federalism. They will tax you out of your cars while lying about emissions to protect the German car industry.

You will have no control over your children’s education. If you believe that transgender is a force for good in your five-year-old’s reading material, then go ahead and vote federalist.

If you believe that immigration should have no limits and you’re happy that jihadis have been slipping through your open borders in their tens of thousands and you’re sure the next bomb or attack won’t affect you or your family, vote federalist.

If you believe that millions of migrants from the Middle East, Indian sub continent or Africa are a welcome change from our Judaeo Christian culture and that female genital mutilation, burkas, Sharia law and medieval ways will be culturally enriching when you become the minority in your towns, then vote federalist.

If you’re happy that the soaring rise of anti Semitism has nothing to do with the imported alien cultures, then vote federalist.

You see where I’m coming from?

There is another Europe, one of individual nations and freedoms, cooperating together in areas of transnational interests.

When I formed the Europe of Nations and Freedom group in 2015 I knew we were at the start of a journey that would see our members in government or at least in opposition. That has happened. The next stage is to take back control of our continent, to rid ourselves of the imperialism that has infected Brussels where egos, huge salaries, perks, power and globalist lobbyists reign supreme.

In that time my colleagues and I toured EU countries, building relationships, supporting each other in elections, moving towards a new Europe.

More recently, with the EU elections in mind, Italy’s Matteo Salvini has been building an alliance of cooperation between nations who value their sovereignty, identity, own rule of law and strong borders.

Fellow Europeans, we are so close to achieving that vision.

We have alliances with Hungary, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria – that’s fifteen nations (including current ENF countries) with more to come.

If you want to take back control of our continent and Make Europe Great Again, vote for the countries allied with Salvini. Or, you can sit on the fence. But remember, that fence will be cut from under you for more federalism and this time with its own army and direct taxation. You will remember where that led us to in 1939. ENDS

Janice Atkinson MEP
t: janice4brexit
f: Janice Atkinson

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