London “Remain” rally brings out anti-Brexit socialists and middle class know-nothings

On the 23rd of June 2016, more than 17.4 million Britons voted to leave the European Union. Almost three years later and we still haven’t left, and there’s little prospect of a clean Brexit happening anytime soon.

The will to Remain is strong among the anti-Brexiteers. I caught up with these anti-democratic organic soya chai latte swilling overwhelmingly white metropolitan elitists during their latest march in London this past Saturday.

The only real diversity in the crowd was the array of misinformation the protesters displayed about the European Union.

Frankly, the answers to the basic questions I put to the crowd are embarrassing.

Further showcasing the anti-democratic bent of Remain, a last-ditch online petition that intended to invalidate the 2016 election results. The petition attracted signatories from all over the world, a petition which intended to revoke article 50, interfere with local politics and overturn the largest plebiscite ever held in the United Kingdom.

Fitting that the people who want to stay under the thumb of a government in Brussels would depend on foreign intervention.

I was there for The Rebel to see if this crowd was up to the task of stopping Brexit before the deadline for withdrawal on March 29th.

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