EXCLUSIVE: United Nations Global Compact on Migration legal advice LEAKED

A Rebel exclusive: I have obtained a shocking document that proves the UN’s Global Compact on Migration IS legally binding.

According to legal advice to the European Commission, it clearly states that under Point 46:

“It must be, therefore, concluded that the GCM has legal effects as it is able to decisively influence the content of the legislation adopted by the EU legislature”.

Remember, this was supposed to be a political declaration. Our political leaders — Theresa May, the EU Parliament, the UN and the MSM — all told us that this was not legally binding.

Today, I prove that they are liars.

The European Commission, headed up by drunkard and unelected president Jean-Claude Juncker, is working very hard to embed interpretations of EU law with the UN’s GCM globalist, anti-democratic and anti-nation state agenda.

Because of what I have uncovered, it is even more urgent that weBrexit on WTO terms on March 29.

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