MEP Janice Atkinson laughs at hurty letter from EU ‘important people’ to US Democrats

Janice Atkinson, Brexit MEP and Trump supporter, today laughed at the desperate attempt of the EU Parliament to make itself important by appealing to the US Democrats over the head of the President.

They complain in a hurty feelings letter that the President has downgraded his US/EU Ambassador and that he appeals to nation states over the heads of the EU’s empire state.

This is the last attempt of the failed ‘leaders’ of the EU to assert their non-existent power.  The EU/US Ambassador doesn’t not have the same gravitas and influence as a nation state Ambassador, it is purely an overpaid administrative role with a nice house and chauffeur. The role has no influence.  And as for appealing over their heads to nation states, again, the nation state matters more to voters and the President than the failed EU empire.

The letter:

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