‘We are closing the borders on the wrong people: Freedom of Speech in the UK, the Lauren Southern case’

With Janice Atkinson MEP, Gerolf Annemans MEP (Flanders) and Canadian citizen, Lauren Southern.

On Monday 12 March, Canadian citizen Lauren Southern was detained by Kent police in Calais under section 7 of the Terrorism Act.

Lauren Southern is a Canadian right-wing political activist and internet personality.

We invite her to talk about the incident at the UK border and politics in general, including her recent movie on the farm murders in South Africa.

Lauren had been speaking at the youth wing conference of Flanders’ Vlaams Belang and had travelled through France and was trying to enter the UK.

After being detained for six hours she was released and carried on her journey, through France, unhindered, to arrive in Strasbourg.

Lauren, aged 22 years of age, will give details of her ordeal in Calais.

This arrest goes against the very foundations of British fair play, free speech and the misguided policies of an increasingly authoritarian government.

Janice said: “Why is Amber Rudd denying entry to a young Canadian woman when thousands of young, white, working class girls are being raped, drugged and murdered by Pakistani men; there are 1000 returning jihadi brides we can’t seem to stop from entering our continent; we’ve allowed 500 jihadis back onto UK soil, but we take a soft target like Lauren to make the Home Secretary look tough on extremism. It makes us a laughing stock and a dangerous country that has really got its priorities wrong. People like Lauren and millions of other young people like her will not be silenced.”

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