Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP, Demands UK Government Calls Time On The Brussels Gravy Train By Pulling Out All 78 MEPs Before Next Euro Elections

Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP for the South East of England, has demanded that the British Government pulls its 78 MEPs out of the European Parliament in May 2019 ahead of the next European elections.

In a letter to Brexit secretary David Davis, Atkinson claims that the majority of the UK’s 78 MEPs – including many UKIP members – are actively trying to sabotage Brexit by manoeuvring to keep the country in the EU for as long as possible.

The motivation for many, she claims, is simply to extend their highly paid jobs and stay for longer on the Brussels gravy train at the taxpayers’ expense. In her letter to Davis, Atkinson urges him immediately to make the following announcement as part of the government’s Brexit strategy:

‘As the electoral mandate of British MEPs will cease at the May 2019 European elections, and as we would not wish to influence the outcome of the elections in the remaining 27 nation states‎, British MEPs will retire from their roles at that time as their work is done.

‘The majority of British MEPs continue to agitate to remain in the EU. Indeed, some of them believe they are ‘constitutional experts‎’ and are mis-interpreting the rules so that they can extend their mandate beyond the 2019 elections for any ‘transitional period’ negotiated. Some are hoping for a two or even four year extension of their lucrative jobs in Brussels.

‘This is not what the British voted for. So, in order to carry out the will of the people, British MEPs will be required to leave at the end of their mandate, thus saving British taxpayers millions in salaries, benefits, chauffeur driven Mercedes, staff and allowances.’

Explaining her move, Atkinson added: “It’s an open secret in the Parliament that most of the UK’s MEPs are actively and surreptitiously working to keep the UK in the EU for as long as possible during a needlessly long “transitional” period.

“This includes a number whose mandate was to bring about the UK’s independence from the EU and yet who are trying sabotage Brexit from within simply further to extend their highly paid jobs representing the UK in an organisation of which it no longer wishes to be a part.”

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