General Election 2017 – I would urge all Ukip voters to back those MPs who voted Brexit, to ensure we have a prime minister who makes Brexit happen. Put country first, not party.


Janice Atkinson, vice president of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group, having studied the Draft Motion for a Resolution produced by Guy Verhofstadt, the socialists and hard left of the European Parliament, rejected their proposals.

Janice said: “Having studied the draft resolution, there is absolutely nothing in this document that I can support. Furthermore, I totally reject the Parliament having any input into the UK’s withdrawal process, along with Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom, who is unqualified and incapable of negotiating free trade agreements.

“I call upon the Council, heads of state, heads of industries from trading partners and exporters to be included in the negotiations. Business understands trade, the EU does not.

“In addition to UKIP’s six point plan, which I support, I would add that no British MEP should stay on in a ‘transitional role’ beyond the May 2019, when our electoral remit ends. There have been moves by some to stay on to collect their salaries, keep their chauffeur driven Mercedes cars, allowances and other perks.”

Atkinson MEP on Supreme Court ruling


“Today the out-of-touch, unelected elite Supreme Court Justices have ruled in favour of a few wealthy individuals who sought to thwart the will of the British people to leave the EU.
Our discredited former Prime Minister Tony Blair, himself a lawyer and the man who set up the Supreme Court may see this as a victory along with his Remainer cronies. But it will be a hollow one since the Supreme Court judgement is irrelevant to the new reality which is that Brexit is happening as demanded by the people.”
“Labour MPs know that if they vote against triggering Article 50 they will face a populist backlash, the like of which has never been seen in the UK. To vote against it would see them swept out of Parliamentary seats – which even now they are struggling to hold.” 

Janice AtkinsonWe achieved Brexit. Thank you to the 52% that believed in Britain and took our country back!

I will be watching the new UK government closely to ensure they deliver a fair deal for Britain in the Brexit negotiations. I have every hope in Liam Fox and David Davis, having worked with David in his 42 Days by-election.

Here you will find links to my speeches in Parliament, press releases and media links.

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Beyond Brussels

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